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The Story of Mulberry Music Services

Mulberry Music Services  was originally started up by Pat Ryan. He is originally from Kildare Town and moved to what he calls his spiritual home of County Clare in 2017. He has been a music lover all his life and believes deeply that music is hugely important for our well being spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

He set up this service for musicians, to help them with services that are available to them but that they have not had time to look at, or perhaps were nervous about the whole form filling process or actually didn’t or don’t know that they are available.

His interest in this area was sparked by the fact that his daughter, Sara Ryan, is a musician herself and he wanted to help her with all the administration areas within music. For many musicians this can be a no go area.

How Can We Help You ?

These services can provide additional income for musicians who gig and play original songs and /or tunes in their sets.

We can help get these registered with the various royalty collection agencies such as IMRO, RAAP and PPI as required. We can take care of the complete process from making contact with IMRO , RAAP and PPI as a total service or as required to set up only.

We will make any calls or emails required to follow up any queries you may have, although we have a strong knowledge of the process at this point.

We now also offer assistance in setting up Bandcamp and other digital platforms.

We are looking forward to helping  you focus on your music and generate more income, contact us now for more information and to get a quote !

Pat Ryan

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