What we do

At Mulberry Music Services, we are here to support musicians with their administrative work, so they can focus on their music while generating more income. We believe in a personalized approach and offer tailored services to every musician’s needs.


Registration, Log all original songs/tunes, Follow up all communication with IMRO directly, Input all gigs on the IMRO website.


Registration, Log all recordings, Set up/input ISRC codes where required for new recordings, Communicate directly with RAAP with all queries.


Registration, Set up communication to receive an ISRC code for recordings, Communicate with PPI directly for all queries.


Organisation of concerts, gigs, songwriting workshops, etc.

Digital Platforms

Setup artists on Bandcamp which is the fairest platform to musicians. We can also set up CD Baby and Distrokid.


General administration services.

Let us help you focus on your music and generate more income, contact Pat now for more information and to get a quote !

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